Yoga & Naturopathy
Naturopathy, or Naturopathic Medicine, is a form of natural medicine based on a belief in vitalism, which states that a special energy called vital energy or vital force guides bodily processes such as metabolism, reproduction, growth, and adaptation.
Manipulative Therapies
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Deep Tissue Massage
Detoxifying Massage
Balinese Massage
Thai Massage
Hot Stone Massage
Swedish Massage
Manipulative Theraphy Neck and Spine
Treatment Name Consult Now
Turkish Hammam
Vichy Shower
Suzi Therapy
Beyond Leg Therapy
Ocean Aroma
Oxy LED Body capsule
Oxy LED Body capsule
Rasul Ceremony
Treatment Name Consult Now
Hip bath
Astma bath
Circular jet bath
Jet bath
Nutral half bath
Hip bath Jacuzzi
Spinal bath
Arm And Foot bath
Immersion Hydro therapies
Treatment Name Consult Now
Immersion With epsom salt
Detoxy pack
Clam sleep bath
Engergizing bath
Revirtalizing bath
Rose patel bath
Mud Therapy
Treatment Name Consult Now
Mud bath full Body
Kidny pack
Gestro heaptic bath
Knee pack
Mustard pack
Tummy Pack
Mud pack for Eyes
Mud pack for Abdomen
Hot mud pack
Partial mud bath
Local pack
Mud face pack
Steam Theraphy
Treatment Name Consult Now
Tamazcal - Steam over heated volcanic rocks
Sauna & shower
Steam & shower
Local Steam
Facial steam inheration
Body Wraps
Treatment Name Consult Now
Dead sea mud body wrap
Great salt mud body wrap
Hungarian wellness mud body wrap
Moor mud body wrap
Detoxifying wrap
Beautifying wrap
Calm sleep wrap
Hydrating wrap
Intensive Nutrition
Anceint Indian body wrap
Mud wrap
Herbal Exfoliation therapies for skin
Treatment Name Consult Now
Energizing scrub
Relaxing scrub
Balancing scrub
Detoxifing scrub
Body Glow
Naturopathy Treatments
Treatment Name Consult Now
Accupresure partial
Air - Breathing Excercises, Outdoor Walking, Open Air Bath
Chest Pack
Compresses (packs)
Revulsive compress
Full Wet Sheet Pack
Fomentation local
Ice Treatment
Infrared Treatment
Spinal Spray
Scottish Shower
Colon Hydrotherapy
Maniplative therapy - Neck & Spain
Weight Reduction Section
Treatment Name Consult Now
Slimup Station
Slimup Ultra
Slimup Drain
Slimup sauna
Treatment Name Consult Now
Interferential therapy
Ultra sound therapy
Paraffin wax
Vibration therapy- terbo sunic
Vibration therapy G5
Yoga and Meditation
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Office Yoga
Therapeutic Yoga
Hath Yoga
Restorative Yoga
Yoga for Children
Office Yoga
Jala Neti
Sutra Neti
Health and Fitness
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Personal Training
Health and Fitness Assessment
Assisted Stretching
Aqua Training
Running Partner