Testimonials and Success stories of patients - Swaasth Ayush
At 60 years age, I was treated for atherosclerosis in both legs and cured of breathlessness. Now I am able to walk up to 50 steps comfortably.
Gopala Krishna, Male, 60*
I was bothered by a nagging backache. At Swaasth Ayush, I not only found a solution but also how to continue being pain free.
42 Year old mother of two
With treatments and detoxification at Swaasth Ayush, I recovered from acute pancreatitis and alcoholic liver disease associated with ascites.
Vijay Anand, Male, 32*
Thanks to SWAASTH AYUSH, I recovered from a paralytic stroke and resumed my duty.
Hariprasad, Male, 60*