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Sowa Rigpa
Sowa Rigpa is the Tibetan Medicine that holds the keys to health along with the nurturing power of love, compassion and serenity to the mind. Evolved in the Himalayas and developed from the healing power of nature and a lifestyle as a course of health and wellness, Tibetan Medicine addresses some of the most common and most unique health problems.
Treatment Name Duration
Yuk Choe(Stick Therapy)
Lay Dhun Shel (Purgative Therapy)
Lay Dhun sKyug (Emesis)
Lay Dhun Sna Smen(Nasal Medication)
Lay Dhun Jam-Tsee(Mild Enema)
Lay Dhun Niru Ha(Strong Enema)
Lay Dhun gtar (Venesection)
Lay Dhun tsa-Jong(Channel Cleansing)
Kang-Phur(Foot Reflexology)
Zes-Bchoethap(Diet Therapy)
Lue Po Ku Nye(Full Body Massage)
Mgo Ku Nye(Head Massage)
Rgyab Ku Nye(Back Massage)
Kangpa Ku Nye(Foot Massage)
Khorlo Ku Nye(Chakra Ku Nye)
Lue po Sang Nen(Full body Acupressure)
Dong Sang Nen(Facial Acupressure)
Sgal Tsik Sang Nen(Spine Acupressure)
Kangpa Sang Nen(Foot Acupressure)
Smen Dug (Medicinal Compress)
Snum Dug (Oil Compress)
Sang-Bhum(Copper Cupping)
Rlung-Bhum(Vacuum Cupping)
Shel-Bhum(Glass Cupping)
Rlang-Lum(Steam Bath)
Du Tse Nya-Lum(Medicinal Bath)
Chu-Yi-Trulkor(Water Wheel therapy)