Siddha Treatment in Hyderabad, India | Hospital | Swaasth Ayush
The Siddha system of Medicine emphasizes on the patient, environment, age, sex, race, habits, mental framework, habitat, diet, appetite, physical condition, physiological constitution of the diseases for its treatment which is individualistic in nature. Diagnosis of diseases is done through an examination of pulse, urine, eyes, study of voice, colour of the body, tongue and status of the digestion of individual patients.
Benefits of traditional Siddha:
  • Traditional Siddha medicine upholds balancing, uprighting and eliminating the pathogens as the main principles of treating diseases and maintaining health.
  • Traditional Siddha Medicine plays a good role in the fight against viral diseases, chronic inflammation, functional disorders, endocrine disorders and other diseases.
  • Traditional medicine stresses "prevention before diseases rather than treating diseases". But Siddha Medicine give equal importance in prevention and curing.
  • According to the Siddha medicine system, diet and lifestyle play a major role, not only in health but also in curing diseases