Discover the most precise information about yourself.
KNOW. UNDERSTAND. WORK in line with:
  • Your body's natural tendencies across organ functions, the diet that works perfectly in synch with your genetic make up.
  • The precise changes that you can make to see phenomenal transformation in your health, fitness and wellbeing.

Weight Loss

Work out, Diet and Program your Body transformation in line with your body's genetic make up. Know what works and what doesn't. Take the course of action that is completely in alignment with your genetics
  • Comprehensive Weight Loss panel. Important for Diet optimisation - Carbohydrate Vs Fat intake optimisation for obesity and diabetes management.
  • Protein : Carbohydrate:Fat ratio optimisation, understanding role of inflammatory foods (gluten-lactose) and anti- inflammatory foods in weight loss, Use of caffeine in weight loss, diet optimisation for Cholesterol and triglyceride manegement
  • Managing snacking tendency ; Exercise Optimisation - Intensity of exercise, time of exercise, type of exercise, Impact of exercise on diabetes management,
  • Mapping tendencies towards - Weight loss, Weight regain, Increased waist circumference, Tendency of Insulin resistance, exercise based inflammation, post surgical weight loss tendency

Skin and Hair

Beauty comes with attention to detail. Knowing the genetic insights about your skin and hair help you make the ideal changes in diet and products to maintain your youthfulness and beauty
  • A comprehensive skin panel that enables in mapping the tendency of skin related issues such as rashes, soriasis, urticaria, acne etc.
  • Useful in deciding the right combination of nutrients and lifestyle changes needed for management and or prevention of skin issues

Diabetes / Hyperinsulinemia

Manage diabetes with ease, like an expert. Know your genetic predespositions across hormonal functions, organ functions, vitamin and nutrient processing tendencies, fitness type and diet that your body adapts to or resists
  • Useful for individuals with familiy history of or suffering from , type II diabetes, for managing and prevention of Diabetes related issues.
  • Managemt possible through, right diet optimisation, type of exercise, need of right combination of nutrients, carbohydrate and fat optimisation, time of exercise etc.
  • Prediction of tendencies of diabetes for better health management

Cardiac Genetics Panel

Know the genetic insights associated with your heart's health. Secure the most important partner in your health with choices and changes that work in tune with your body's genetic make up.
  • Useful for individuals with familiy history of or suffering from , cardiac health issues, such as hypertension, atherosclerosis , heart attacks, for managing and prevention of heart problems.
  • Managemt possible through, right diet optimisation, type of exercise, need of right combination of nutrients, salt intake, fluid intake etc.
  • Prediction of tendencies of cardiac diseases for better cardiac health management


Health is made in the stomach. Knowing the genetic insights of all the processes, functions and tendencies help you make the perfect changes for better health and management
  • Useful for individuals with familiy history of or suffering from , gastric problems such as Acidity, bloating, abdominal pain, indigestion, inability to lose weight or to gain muscle mass.
  • Also to map tendencies of gluten induced health issues such as Celiac disease, ulcerative colitis, gluten induced osteoarthritis, and other gut health issues.
  • Management possible through right intake of anti-inflammatory substances and partial or complete elimination of gluten

Advanced Health Analysis - Comprehensive Genetic Panel

With the knowledge of your Genetic insights, you can chart the perfect health and wellness strategy that is as unique as you are
  • A highly recommended preventive health management panel. Also applicable to individuals who have more than two health concerns, such as diabetes, cardiac health issues, bone related problems, liver health issues etc.
  • The panel focuses on diet , exercise and lifestyle management to mitigate risks of certain lifestyle diseases and also manage such diseases if one is already sufferring from the same.

Woman Health Genetics Panel

Genetic insights that can transform women health with preventive health measures as well as effective management strategies
  • This panel highlights all the necessary aspects needed for a women to stay fit, this applicable to all women to focus in areas like weight, hormonal imbalances, bone health
  • Useful for females suffering from or having family history of PCOS for management and mitigation of PCOS related issues such as: Obesity, Insulin Resistance, Inflammation.

Fitness Genetics Panel

Finally you can program that fitness plan that works for you, not against you. Use deep insights from your genetic make up and create the perfect routine.
  • This panel is useful to estimate or enhace one's fitness level.
  • This also helps to understand one's reposnse to Power or endurance type of exrecise, his recovery prinjury rate,
  • timing of exercise,
  • response to caffeine,
  • food allergies like gluten and lactose
  • ManyMore