Wellness begins within the individual. It is here that Team Swaasth Ayush ensures that the best knowledge, experienced doctors, world class equipment and sophisticated technologies are made available in a personalized model in order to achieve the guest's wellness goals.

Customized Treatment

Swaasth Ayush believes that every individual is unique and hence the approach to achieve and maintain wellness ought to be customized accordingly.

Initiated by comprehensive guest profiling, the holistic treatment includes a set of treatments, medication, diet, activities and recommended lifestyle changes. This treatment will be suggested by a qualified doctor following the consultation.

Unlike the mass produced drugs which are manufactured by pharmaceutical companies, Juventa's medication is derived from the combination of ingredients to deliver the appropriate dose for the guest's health, age, gender, body type and previous medical history.

Customized Diet Plan

Swaasth Ayush recognizes the role of diet not only in nourishing the body but also in enhancing one's wellness and the quality of life.

Needless to say, the diet plan plays a crucial role in complementing the treatments and in aiding recovery and rejuvenation. Once the wellness goals of the guest are determined, the doctors initiate a consultation and prepare a diet plan which includes

  • BFD Menu - Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner
  • Healthy Snack Guidelines
  • Treatment specific Medication at home
  • Home remedies for the guest and the guest's families
  • Natural Ingredients and Organic food products to enrich the guest's diet

Customized Activity Plan

The human body is a sophisticated machine with tremendous self healing capacity and a cognitive mind that derives parallel benefits from the experience of activities.

For example:
  • Archery is known to be a great way to improve one's focus and self control.
  • Chess is known to be a great way to challenge one's decision making and contextualization.
  • Supervised workouts in water are known to be good for recovering from a back injury.
  • Cooking is known to have a positive effect on organizing and prioritizing.
  • Gardening is known to be a soothing and introspective exercise.

With over 50 indoor and outdoor activities spread over 500 acres in the salubrious climate, Swaasth Ayush offers a wide range of activities to strengthen the guest's physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness.