Find out if you have a genetic risk associated with your eye health that can be prevented. Include holistic solutions to improve your eye health. Let your windows to life remain healthy.

Eyes happen to be one of the sense organs and also the most sensitive. In normal course of life, eyes are vulnerable to a wide range of conditions that may lead to infections, diminishing vision, cataracts, macular degeneration or impact of other health conditions like diabetes.

Coupled with a Genetic Screening that marks your genetic predisposition to certain eye disorders or degenerative conditions, SWAASTH AYUSH offers a plan that can help you identify the symptoms early while also taking dietary measures and therapeutic interventions to avoid the onset of disorders and deterioration of eye health.

It is always recommended to have the counsel of qualified Opthalmologists when it comes to the health of the eyes. While modern health approaches address the conditions, certain solutions are available in the AYUSH systems of Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Sidha, Sowa Rigpa [Tibetan Medicine] and Homeopathy. Combined with the therapies, diet and herbal medications, individuals can maintain and improve the health and functioning of the eyes to a substantial degree. At SWAASTH AYUSH, eye conditions are consulted and solutions are offered in coordination with the modern scientific approaches to improve the outcomes.

Corneal Ulcers

Corneal Ulcers are sores on corneas and their location may determine the degree of loss to vision or blindness since the scarring would lead to permanent loss of vision in the affected region.

Corneal ulcers can be caused by bacteria, fungi, herpes simplex, allergies, immune disorders, other comorbid conditions and other infections to the eyes. They are also known to be prevalent in individuals who wear contact lens. Generally, a culture is done to identify the source of the infection to be able to treat it accordingly, beginning with antibiotics.

AYUSH systems of medicine help improve the outcome by enhancing the immunity, helping heal the wound faster and thereby arresting the damage and aid in the recovery to the best possible extent. The impact of these treatments lies in addressing the immunity to help the body fight off the infection effectively.

Diabetic Retinopathy:

As a result of diabetes, there is a risk of damage to the blood vessels leading to diminishing vision, blurriness and a host of other disruptions. With constant monitoring and diagnosis, the retinopathy can be detected early. In any way, the solution lies in effective management of diabetes as the first course of preventive action. This is where SWAASTH AYUSH plays a crucial role in helping manage diabetes in a sustainable way with higher degree of regulation.

When the damage is done, the options include surgical interventions, laser treatments and medications. In addition to these treatments, SWAASTH AYUSH offers solutions in terms of medications and therapies from Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy and Unani as supportive solutions to improve the treatment outcomes.

Myopic Macular Degeneration:

This degeneration happens because of the leaking of fragile blood vessels which deteriorate the vision gradually. Usually the deterioration is so gradual that it is recommended that the eyes are tested annually to detect it in early stages. The Vascular Endothelial growth factor [VEGF] is said to be responsible and hence anti VEGF drugs are conventionally used to arrest the degeneration.

While a consultation with the Ophthalmologist is recommended as the first course of action to diagnose Myopic Macular Degeneration and follow the treatment, AYUSH systems of disciplines have been known to have a positive impact in supportive role. With treatments and therapies ranging from localized eye packs and herbal medications, the scope of avoiding further deterioration is available through sustainable interventions.


Glaucoma is the leading cause of irreversible blindness worldwide. Under normal conditions, the excess fluid in the eyes is drained systematically. When fluid builds in the front part of the eyes, the optic nerve gets damaged due to the fluid pressure and leads to loss of vision. This condition is caused by various factors ranging from genetic predispositions, infections, injuries and blocked vessels.

Either in Open angle or closed angle Glaucoma [When iris is very close to the drainage angle, thereby blocking it], it is generally too late by the time the symptoms are realized. One of the ways to predict is to know the genetic risk factors and go for annual check-ups.

At SWAASTH AYUSH, you can have a genetic mapping to identify the risk profile as well as consult with the doctors for the ideal solutions to manage Glaucoma to the best extent possible since systems like Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy have approaches that improve the chances to minimizing further damage to the eyes through therapeutic and dietary interventions.


Cataracts are clouding of the retina which lead to blurriness, diminished sight and even vision loss. Cataracts are classified and also treated based on the causative factors including age, injury, influence of other medical conditions and toxin manifestations.

While conventional approaches include surgical interventions, AYUSH systems of medicines offer ample scope for effective management especially at the early stages of the manifestation. The treatments are especially effective in case the cataract is caused due to the toxins as a side effects of other medical conditions and medication

The interventions include lifestyle changes, localized therapies to the eyes, diet, herbal medications as well as a coordination with an ongoing treatment plan or procedure as recommended by a qualified ophthalmologist