Client Services
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Swaasth Ayush provides you a host of services right from the point you choose us till the time you reach your home. As you heal and get better, our destination will be your home away from home.
Swaasth Ayush offers wide variety of health, wellness and rejuvenation programs for patient. In alignment with your medical history and health goals, we customize your health plan with the appropriate specialists and make all the necessary arrangements for your visit. Our panel and advisors include award winning doctors, veterans and senior specialists from the industry working with us to take care of your every specific medical needs. We provide you with a detailed treatment plan including: Treatment, Financial Quote, Hospital details, Doctor's Credentials. The information provided will help you take a precise and valuable decision.
Processing of Medical Visa
At Swaasth Ayush, we recognize the importance of your valuable time and the care you need during your health enhancement. Hence we provide assistance by taking care of all the Medical Visa processing support and coordination.
Pick and Drop facility from the Airport
In order to curb the anxiety and hesitation of visiting a place with different culture, language and customs, we strive to make you feel relaxed at every step of your medical journey. We arrange pick up and drop facility from the airport for patient and attendants.
Continuum of care
We at Swaasth Ayush, endeavor to take you on a personal journey of medical care and make sure you feel like home. We understand that every medical case is different and hence we focus on providing you the package tailored specially to satisfy your needs. We are enriched and trained medical professionals having wide experience in the healthcare and administration to assist you and understand your medical history. We assure a daily check on the recovering patient, extra assistance for a disabled person and a warm habitat environment.
Post Treatment Care
Post treatment, care begins in the wellness suites and continues throughout the recovery period, our tender care with nurturing nursing helps you have a soothing and speedy recovery. We understand that comfort plays a vital role in one's recovery. We ensure genuine hospitality, immaculate services and pure efficiency.
Follow up Back Home
With options of Lifetime and Annual Follow ups that include progams for screening and detoxification; we will be at your assistance at any time of your life. We provide you assistance with teleconferencing or video calling services for any of your health concerns.
Swaasth Ayush Experience
Medical tourism is often about as much the tourism as the medical treatment. For those undergoing treatment, there is no better place to recover than a holistic healing destination. Similarly, for family accompanying the patient various relaxation and rejuvenation therapies and entertainment activities can act as a brilliant stress buster.
Rejuvenation Services
In addition to your medical treatment, you can rejuvenate your mind and body with our therapies. Revive yourself in a refreshing environment away from the hustle bustle of the city, in the lap of Mother Nature through Yoga and Meditation. Take time out for your soul indulging in the natural way of healing, exploring every aspect of yourself and your body.
Recreational Activities
At Swaasth Ayush, you can blend recreation while healing and getting better. From yoga to high intensity wellness activity, from Aqua gym to Athletics we have everything under one roof. Wait till you realize how much fun it is to get better.