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About Swaasth Ayush
Swaasth Ayush is a Global Wellness Destination in India. It offers you an amalgamation of ancient wellness practices and the world's best scientific methodologies to ensure complete wellbeing. Spread over 1,00,000 sq.ft in a 500 acre premiere holistic destination in India, Hyderabad. This wellness centre offers over 200 wellness treatments and has been the recepient of various National and International awards. The ideology of Swaasth Ayush is to provide wholesome wellness right from head to toe. This multi-disciplinary approach amalgamates ancient traditions with the latest in modern healthcare and the facilities.
With a combined strength of wellness disciplines therepies, infrastructure, Swaasth Ayush brings superior capabilities that are matched by the qualified doctors and certified therepists and practitioners. From the ancient and the exotic to the latest and stunning, Swaasth Ayush offers a wide variety of approaches to help clients achieve and maintain optimum wellness.
Swaasth Ayush is the result of four quadrants:
A strong belief that wellness is an inherent human need and an essential ingredient for human excellence and fulfillment.
A rich repository of the knowledge,literature and application of various disciplines of wellness.
A divorce combination of Treatment-Activity-Diet.
A versatile capability to nurture the talent in the wellness industry and a comprehensive model to deliver the wellness approaches.


Set in the fresh air and open skies of Shameerpet nearby Hyderabad, Swaasth Ayush is free of the chaos of traffic and pollution yet it is within reach of the city. Connected by the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, the Outer Ring Road, the Secunderabad Railway station, the roadways and a 40 minute drive from the city, the destination is ideal both in terms of its location and setting.

Our Offerings & Approach

Travel in a wellness journey absorbing the traditional knowledge treasured in time Have a customized program of treatments & activities, with personal supervision & professional care.

Refresh | Reset | Refuel | Reload for the next phase of your life. Discover a personal transformation through ancient methods in harmony with modern scientific inputs housed in a world-class wellness facility.

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Our Facilities

SWAASTH AYUSH is designed to integrate the facilities for holistic healing which include indoor aqua facilities and outdoor pools for hydrotherapy, indoor and outdoor facilities for mud therapies and a whole range of advanced equipment, instruments and therapy stations. The facilities bring together the ancient systems of medicine and the latest developments in the field of holistic health care.

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Our Team

Swaasth Ayush's team includes some of the finest professionals in the Wellness Industry. The team is oriented with the strong foundation of knowledge, experience and dedication in the field of Wellness. From eminent thought leaders to renowned doctors and award winning practitioners and therapists, the team reflects and promotes Wellness at every stage and interaction with the guests.